Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre & The New Studio of Dance
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Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Performed by the students of ACDT & New Studio of Dance.

• Thumbalisa: Rebakah Purdom
• Cardinal: Kylie Gaitonde
• Mole: Sarah Comer
• Mouse: Bella Lindsey
• Frog: Maliya Weeks
• Sorceress: Maddy Peeples
• Old Woman: Lena Usner
• Flower Seeds: Kylie Gaitonde, Serena Franco, Bella Lindsey
• Wood Nymph: Clara Monts
• Water: Sarah Comer, Ava Manderson, Violet Dewhirst, Maliya Weeks, Melanie Evans
• Fish: Ava Manderson, Maliya Weeks, Lorelei Dordelman, Ruth Boyd
• Beetles: Clara Monts, JoJo Cooper, Kiki Themistocleous, Bella Lindsey, Maddy Peeples, Kylie Gaitonde
• Snow: Clara Monts, Kylie Gaitonde, Maddy Peeples, Bella Lindsey, Kiki Themistocleous, JoJo Cooper
• Butterflies: Maya Brown, Iris Martin, Ellie Todd, Ella Chapman
• Spiders: Mae Robertson, Sydney Thompson, Sabine Endries, Ellie Cochran
• Cardinals: Kylie Gaitonde, Jane Day, Evie Smith, Cricket Peeples, Sophia Planicka
• Bamboo: Arie Lee Birdsong, Mazzy Huggins, Julia Planicka
• Bandits: Ella Day, Ava Manderson, Evan Abbene, Tristan Castle, Niah Herman, Jed Grossmann
• Playful Children: Evie Tavener, Mazzy Huggins, Eris Babel, Ailenor Wight
• Gypsies: Ella Day, Kate Smith, Ava Manderson, Maliya Weeks, Mae Robertson
• Sunshine: Kate Smith, Ella Day, Melanie Evans, Violet Dewhirst, Maliya Weeks, Sarah Comer, Ava Manderson, Virginia Griffith
Flower Fairies: Sophia Monnar, Bear Herman, Noah Wilhoit Lugo
• Mushroom Fairies: Zola Brown, Maysen Kelso, Isla Duffer, Orie Herman, Scout Kornegay, Aulani Wight, River Gelpi 

• Directed by: Susan & Giles Collard
• Sets: Giles Collard
• Choreography: Susan & Giles Collard, Melissa Wilhoit, Elizabeth Huntley, Gillian Mauer, Paola Tinaco
• Costumes: Lena Usner & Susan Collard
• Filming & Editing: Jenbenmedia
• Office Production: Sara Derting & Megan Jackson

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